Tuesday, March 20, 2018

UK: Algerian Couple in court for murdering French nanny whom they accused of witchcraft.

(London) There's a very strange court case currently under way in the UK.Algerians Sabrina Kouider and her partner Ouissem Medouni are in the dock over the torture, murder and burning of their 21 year old French nanny Sophie Lionnet last September.

Algerians Sabrina Kouider and  Ouissem Medouni 
It transpires that the couple accused the nanny of stealing a ring, of practicing in witchcraft and having sex. For these outlandish allegations, they proceeded to starve her, tortured her, made her make confessions on film that she had sex and then murdered her. Which naturally as they are Algerians, they deny.

Sophie Lionnet
The couple were caught after neighbours complained to the Police of a strange smell coming from a bonfire from a neighbours garden. When they investigated they found the body of Sophie, which was so badly disfigured, they couldn’t tell if it was male or female. Both suspects appeared in court via video feeds from their respective prisons, where they claimed their innocence via the use of an interpreter (Strange how both could live so well running businesses in the Uk, without the use of one) However the court heard  heard how Ms Kouider accused her nanny of being in cahoots with an ex boyfriend and said he controlled her through black magic. She even falsely labelled that ex boyfriend a paedophile in a fake Facebook account, the court heard. Jurors were told the allegations against Miss Lionnet and the ex boyfriend were "quite untrue".

It also emerged Miss Lionnet confided in a local chip shop owner that she was being beaten by Ms Kouider. She regularly visited the takeaway, often dressed in the same clothes, and ate chips at speed as if she was hungry. Yet nobody thought of informing the police. 

They also recorded Sophies torture, on one of the recordings of the murdered girl  Algerian Sabrina Kouider  is heard to scream :
"You destroy everything. I was trying to find myself again. I pray to god not to make me touch you. I don't want to make my hands dirty."

Witchcraft, prays to god, and from Algeria, sounds a lot like the followers of the peaceful religion have struck again. Despite all the evidence this ugly couple are currently playing the victim card.

Gaza: French consulate worker smuggled weapons for Hamas

(Jerusalem) Romain Franck from  the French Consulate in Jerusalem has been arrested for smuggling weapons from Gaza into East Jerusalem and the West Bank using his diplomatic immunity Apparently Franck smuggled weapons through the crossing on five separate occasions over the last two months, including over 70 guns and two assault rifles through the Erez Border Crossing between Gaza and Israel using a consular vehicle, which goes through reduced security checks because of its diplomatic status. Apparently he  received the weapons from a Palestinian employed at the French Cultural Centre in Gaza and transferred them to a third person in the West Bank.

Always said you can’t trust the French.

Germany: Court rejects Niqab driver's complaint

(Karlsruhe)  A Muslim woman banned from driving in Germany due to her wearing the full Islamic face veil, wasn’t happy, so took the government to court in which to try and get the ban lifted.
 Unfortunately for her the court ruled that the law did not violate her religious freedom. She didn’t help her own case by failing to explain how she faced harm by driving unveiled. German traffic laws, insist that drivers must have "unhindered all-around visibility" in order to protect other drivers and may "not cover up or obscure their face so that it is no longer recognizable. The law, which was approved in September last year, also aims to help police identify and prosecute drivers for traffic violations.

UK: Mohammed in court after driving a car into a packed nightclub

(Chatham)  21 year old Mohammed Abdul was refused entry into Blake's nightclub in Gravesend last Saturday evening . Angry about how his honour had been offended on being refused entry into a place where scantly dressed women mix with unrelated males whilst partaking in alcohol. Mohammed went back to his car and decided to teach the kuffer a lesson.

Which is why he was in court yesterday charged with driving his car into the nightclub just before midnight on Saturday evening injuring over 13 people. Thankfully nobody was killed.  

The British Police have ensured that this story has been quickly covered up. (See if you can find it on the bBC news website without using Mohammed's name) and have issued a nothing to worry about disclaimer.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Russia: Putin wins election with 75% of vote.

(Moscow) Russian President Vladimir Putin has secured an expected victory in the presidential election. With more than half of ballots counted, he had received 75% of the vote, that said the main opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, was barred from the race. Addressing a rally in Moscow after the early results were declared, Mr Putin said voters had "recognised the achievements of the last few years".  Personally I feel this episode of Blackadder sums up the Russian election.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

How the Chinese see Europe

(Foreign Policy)   has complied via the use of internet search queries on Chinese search engines  on how the Chinese see Europe, or more precisely Europeans. Yes its half in jest, but what 1.4 billion people think must count for something:

Syria: Turks finally take Afrin after 2 months of hard slog.

(Syria) The Turkish army has after 2 months of its so called Operation Olive Branch finally ethically cleansed the Kurds from an area of Syria they have lived in for thousands of years. Despite only advancing 15 kilometres , that task  took them over 2 months of hard slog. Funny enough almost 100 years ago, the Turks were doing likewise with the Armenians and then as in now the world has remained silent on yet another genocide carried out in the name of Allah, which this time has been carried out on..Muslims.

Funny enough in 1939, another short arsed dictator had this to say about what the Turks did in which to wage his own war of genocide:
"Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?"

It appears we never learn, do we. But hey the UN has no problem bitching about the Jew.

UK: Italy to investigate Egyptian murdered on British streets as British Police are powerless when it concerns Black thugs

(Nottingham) 18 year old Engineering  student Mariam Moustafa, was attacked in the centre of Nottingham city centre by a gang of 10 women,  when she tried to escape by boarding a bus, the feral gang followed her onto the bus and attacked her some more. She was taken to Hospital where she died on Wednesday after almost a month in a coma.

Police rounded up the gang and a 17-year-old girl, who was arrested on suspicion of assault occasioning grievous bodily harm, remains on bail. Get that ‘suspicion of assault’ despite the entire incident been caught on video.  But what makes this sad story even worse is Mariam Moustafa and her sister had been attacked by the same feral gang last August and in that incident her 16 year old sisters leg hadbeen broken.  2 assaults in the city centre and the British police are unable to join the dots. The funny thing is Mariam Moustafa is the child of Egyptian nationals born in Italy. She is also a Muslim and yet the British police have refused to call this a hate racist crime, be it based on the colour of her skin or on her religion, which is funny as the media and Police in the Uk have no problem playing those cards when the attackers are white , so why not now.

Simple the thugs who attacked Mariam are black and in the UK black trumps everything when you are in the dock. Which is why the British Police are saying this wasn't a hate crime. That people is how pathetic the British police have become where they refuse to take action when the thugs are blacks as they don’t wish to have somebody play the race card.  Which is why the Italian police are now going to open up an investigation in the murder of 18 Mariam Moustafa.

UK: Deported Afghan jailed for rape

(Coventry) 27 year old Afghan Masud Wakilki, decided he wanted a  new home, money in his pocket and the ability to play the race card in which to excuse his peccadilloes so he travelled to the Uk in 2007, however the Uk  authorities were having nothing to do with, so they deported his arse back to Afghanistan in 2010. Not one to give up on a chance on much better life funded by Western tax payers 9 months later he moved to Italy where he bided his time until last year to try and claim asylum , they checked his details and found he had claimed asylum first in the UK and so they deported him to a country which has deported him 7 year previous. As the British civil service are so fucking great nobody decided to check why somebody who first claimed asylum in the Uk was reclaiming in Italy and so Wakilki found himself back in the UK living off the British taxpayer.

Last September Wakili cane across a young woman who was drunk in Coventry city centre, offering her another drink, he took her to a stairwell of a nearby block of flats and raped her. Unfortunately for our Afghan rapist his 4 minutes of pleasure (time from when he  left the lift to the time he returned re-buttoning your trousers) was caught on video. He was arrested not long after and last week he was jailed for 8 years (meaning 4) and placed on the sex offenders list for life – but is expected to be deported when he has served his sentence. Get that expected, the civil servants in this country are pathetic and are unable to do the job they are paid to do. Which is how this poor girl was allowed to be raped in the first place.

Mayotte : Indian Ocean Island has huge problems with African migrants.

(Mamoudzou)   Mayotte is an island of 250,000 people that is part of the Comoros archipelago off the coast of Africa. It is also French territory, which is why thousands of migrants from elsewhere have taken the journey to the Island. In which to find a better life which apparently independence from their European masters was to give them.

As in Europe, Australia and America, the younger newcomers know only one thing and that is violence and as they are juveniles, the French police based on the Island have to subscribe to European laws and thus these thugs find themselves laughing as they walk free time and time again.  
The number of newcomers is so large that 70% of the 10,000 babies born every year in the island's only maternity hospital are born to illegal migrants, recently the schools had to close down after armed gangs armed with knives decided to use them as a shopping centre, albeit with violence .

So unlike the placid first world populations, where the ‘R’ is brought out time and time again , the locals here have decided to start rounding up these thugs, unfortunately these thugs will simply be released and they will continue doing what a lot of these African itinerants across the first world do, causing trouble.